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Curious Cryptids

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Misunderstood outsiders and strange transformations

These siamese twins find out that they can acquire supernatural powers by working together as a team…

Mr. Exclamation goes through quite a literal tranformation in this typographic love story…

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Sally A. Ward

I enjoy expressing myself through many different media, especially sculptures and animation. My artistic journey took off when I was 12 and discovered a great love of writing fiction. Around age 15, I realized that my storytelling abilities were best aimed at film and I fell in love with directing live action. While studying at The European Film College at age 20 (a one-year foundational degree in film making), I discovered an even greater love of animation when I made my final project, a stop motion animated short film (Left-brained Larry & Right-brained Rachel). From there on I started developing my practical skills aimed at stop motion animation: Drawing, sculpting, writing and building props. A by-product of this was my cryptid sculptures, which I enjoy making, while currently working on making my next stop motion animated film.

Frequently asked questions – click the titles to read more:

  • Yes, I do!

    Contact me
    for commissions and prices. I’m up for most things, especially anything monster/cryptid-related. I do, however, keep the right to decline if I am somehow unable to fulfil your wish.

  • It is such an honor when people want to share my brain children with the world, so please, go ahead! I only ask that you make sure to credit me as the creator (as “Sally A. Ward”). If you want to screen one of my films publicly, please ask permission first.

  • I came up with this term when I experienced that my first animated short film “Left-brained Larry & Right-brained Rachel” started going to festivals around the world. It was as if the characters I had created had suddenly become autonomous and started living a life of their own.
    The same thing happened when I started making my cryptid sculptures and sold them to people. Suddenly I wasn’t their caretaker any longer and they went off to live somewhere else… So please, I implore you: If you become the owner of one of my creations, please take good care them. They are, after all, my children.

  • A cryptid is an animal whose existence is disputed or unsubstantiated. The Loch Ness Monster, The Yeti and The Chupacabra are among the more well-known ones. I am a keen listener of the “Monster Talk” podcast from Sceptic Magazine. I like their fact-driven angle on the subject, as I am admittedly quite a sceptic myself. Yet I am highly fascinated by the possibility of the existence of creatures that have not yet been proven by science and I just love trying to materialise them in reality.

  • The Japanese say “Mottainai” which basically means “Don’t waste”. I love this philosophy of living and try the best I can to make good use of the materials I have at hand from old clothing and jewellery, which I can upcycle in creative ways. I combine these with new materials such as clay, SuperSculpey, glue and paint, trying to be as conservative as I can. I hope I can continuously improve my work to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

    Making my creations of a high quality, is another ingrained value of mine. I want to make art that lasts. So please, should something you bought from me break unintentionally, please let me know so that I can either repair it or at least improve my work in the future.

  • Generally they are about outsiders who go through some kind of physical transformation that is representative of their internal development as the story progresses. Having grown up as an introverted outsider who was bullied and didn’t have many friends, subjects such as bullying, loneliness and the feeling of being misunderstood seem to be what I tend to return to as a writer. 

  • I am currently working on getting my Etsy shop up and running so that I can sell my creations on a regular basis. Besides that, I have two animated projects in the early development phases and don’t know when I can expect them to be finished. I will keep this website and my social media pages updated on the progress.

  • You are welcome to follow me on the following platforms: FacebookInstagramYouTube and Vimeo.

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