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Stop motion and 2D

Left-brained Larry & Right-brained Rachel

These siamese twins find out that they can acquire supernatural powers by working together as a team…

Mr. Exclamation !

A typographic tale about love and transformation…


ZallyAward Sally A. Ward

I’m Sally A. Ward…

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My right eye is pretty strange.
It sees things from a wider range.
It allows me to pay special attention,
to songs and creatures from another dimension.
You see, they hide all around,
lurking and leering without a sound.
Materialising them is what I do,
and there are different media that I do it through;
I sculpt, paint, draw, sew and animate,
and I capture their spirits in the characters I create.
At first they may seem quite tragic and weird,

but they’re really not as bad as they might appear.
I’m Zally: A witch, a ghost, a scientist…
And the presence of you is what makes me exist.